Redefine Review


The brand’s redefine range is a form of a skin care regimen that uses peptide technology and cosmetic ingredients to reduce and defend against the signs of aging. The results are a fairer, smoother and a flawless skin tone. The entire regimen is a comprehensive two months course, which involves the use of 4 different types of products to effectively enhance the skin tone. Below is the Rodan and fields redefine review.

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Rodan Redefine

How To Apply Redefine

Applying Redefine Cleasing maskThe redefine regimen consists of a four-step program, which goes on for about 60 days. Initially a four-step program may sound intimidating to the users, but it is in fact cost effective. The entire process of applying the products takes only 10 minutes in total. Within only three or four days, you are sure to notice positive visible results. (For more reviews on Rodan and Fields products click here.)


The first step in the program is the cleansing mask,

which has to applied daily. The cleansing mask is a non-foamy type of facemask. The small granules are best for polishing the skin. The facemask cleans the clogged pores, removes the dead skin, and purifies the face without any stripping.

The skin is left feeling supple, soft, and clean. Before applying the facemask, it is essential to remove the make up using a makeup using a makeup remover. You have to apply a pea-sized amount on your fingertips and cover the entirety of the face with a layer of the mask. wash it off after leaving it on for two minutes.

The ingredients of the face cleansing mask is Kailin, water, titanium dioxide, cetyl alcohol, sodium lactate, potassium hydroxide, stearic acid, Xanthum gum and fragrance for the smell.

The second step of the program is to us the pore minimization toner.

The toner leaves the skin balanced and feeling hydrated, supple, and soft. After a long day out in the pollution, the dirt and the sweat can be physically removed using the toner. After the facemask, the toner should be applied on the neck and the face using a gauze pad and avoiding the area of the eyes.

After allowing it to dry, rinse it off. The ingredients of the toner are lactobionic acid, water ginseng root extract, citric acid, ammonium hydroxide, licorice root extract, castor oil, lentil seed extract, and fragrance to make the smell appealing.

The third step is the triple defense treatment broad-spectrum SPF 30 day cream.

It is an effective daily moisturizer, which is fast absorbing and lightweight. The sunscreen does not leave behind a white caste, which makes the face appear ugly. The cream dissipates soon after application and offers a high degree of protection from the sun.

The quarter-sized amount should be take on the fingertips and rubbed on your face in a circular manner. The ingredients include 2.5% Homosalate, 3% Avobenzene and 2.7% octocrylene as the active ingredients and water, glycerin, hydrolyzed silk, silica, olive fruit extract, butylene glycol and glyceryl stearate as the inactive ingredients .

The overnight cream has a very thin consistency and is a hydrating treatment cream for nighttime.

The cream will leave your skin feeling soft, supple and give it a luminescence.

Redefine KitThis cream can achieve what only beauty oils can achieve. This cream should be applied at night before going to bed. The ingredients of the restorative night cream include caprylyl glycol, hydrolyzed sericin, titanium dioxide, polysorbate 20, water and glycerin.

Are There Any Side effects

In case of extra sensitive skin the potassium hydroxide in the morning cream may cause rashes on the forehead. Redefine regimen is for those people who have less sensitive skin and whose skin is not overly prone to dryness . Other than minor irritation on rare cases, the products from the redefine range have no major side effects and are easy to use.

Does Redefine Really Work?


*Results may vary from person to person.

Until you use the products from the redefine line you will not know how dehydrated your skin is. After using the products, you will notice the dewy younger looking skin and amazing texture. You will not find the need to use foundation after using the redefine products.

What is more, while promoting the products from the redefine range, you will receive additional discounts while purchasing. The rodan and fields redefine review from the users has been astounding.

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